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Scene Title: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Storyline: Keiran and Stephanie just got back from Spring break, now they are getting ready for their final exams. Kerian is offered a PB&J but he has never had one because the British don't eat them, however Stephanie jokes about never seeing a huge cock and that websites like Brazzers fake the size. Keiran is personal offended because he is a fan and so takes the matter into his own hands as he ploughs his huge cock into her tight teeny pussy.

Teen: Stephanie Richards

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What people are saying about: Stephanie Richards - Peanut butter and jelly sandwich teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

towbot1 said: I do love the girls but the themes are starting to become or have become a little...oh how do I say this....predictable. Big cock, same positions, same desk, same ending etc., etc., etc.. Thinking about calling it quits here. I'm a high heel fanatic and Brazzer's does supply that fetish but you can only go so far. There needs to be some variety. Sara Jay is my favorite!

Comment #2

fame876511 said: I LOVE her cute blue shoes. We deserve at least 1 closeup out of 500 pics! They should have ended up behind her head.

Comment #3

Trickster5 said: Dude, these teens should take it up the ass. Kinda tired of seeing all this fine ass everywhere on this site but none of them take it uo the ass.

Comment #4

taylor2109042 said: if you want bigger tits go to the schools site or baby got boobs. the idea of the small tits is really cool - it makes em look real young and pluckable. we all know they're well past their teens but it adds to the fantasy a bit

Comment #5

MissSnoogans said: I spent most of my time watching this with one eyebrow up and my mouth open. I've never seen this chick before, so it shocked me that she could actually deep throat Keiran. So I was puzzled whether she is new to the game or been around for a minute. Not many new chicks are taking down Big Ben. From the pic of her laying on the bed, I thought she had a nice ass. So I was hoping to see cowgirl to confirm my belief. Oh well that didn't happen but she wasn't doing bad in reverse cowgirl. Once again I was impressed with Keiran long stroking her in doggy. Some good looking action from point of view with her ass cheeks spread. She's awful damn cute too. I wouldn't mind seeing her again. Another awesome cumshot from Keiran. Snoogans!

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